Bruno's restaurant feeds homeless kids every day - CBS videoBruno Serato, owner of the White House Restaurant in Anaheim, admits he had a pretty carefree life – hosting and hobnobbing with Orange County’s most rich and famous, until his Italian mother convinced him to start feeding the hungry.

He told her about homeless kids who often go hungry and she grabbed his arm, chided him in Italian, and insisted that he feed them pasta immediately.

On mama’s orders, Bruno fed a room full of kids that night.

It was a lot of food to just give away. But his mother wouldn’t leave the kitchen until he did it. That was actually April 18, 2005 – and it’s happened every day since.

Bruno has continued to serve the kids every weeknight for the past 5 years – that’s nearly a quarter of a million, very nice meals.

WATCH the video below, or read the story at CBS News


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