Going Green, a special report by CNBC features corporations that are finding new ways to save money with alternative energy. Three separate stories indicate the driving motivation behind the companies going green is their bottom line:

The potential savings are huge. Industrial use accounts for about a third of energy consumed in the U.S., according to Energy Dept. estimates. And by cutting back on just 20 percent of that consumption, American businesses could save close to $19 billion a year, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

And, about 30 percent of those savings can be achieved with no capital investment!


Kudos to CNBS for this hopeful look at business. Check out a sampling of their stories:

  • CNBC reports on overall trends.
  • This June, UPS turns to hybrid trucks to cut its fuel bill by 35% with 50 new hybrid electric vehicles (HEV’s). FedEx is doing the same.
  • Global food giant Cargill transforms its waste water into energy. Methane gas is produced from the water and used instead of electricity in its pork processing plants. Cargill saved $10 million in natural gas costs last year.

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