EMS does cpr-YoutubevidIt might have been an average occurrence for Engine 5 of the Rochester Fire Department but for the wildly cheering crowd.

Emergency personnel ran across the road from the fire house after a man slammed his vehicle into a utility pole suffering a heart attack while driving.

When bystanders pulled him out of the car, 58-year-old Artie Frisbee looked purple and had stopped breathing.

As the trained crew went to work pumping on his chest, the crowd grew and began cheering for Artie to come back to life and for Engine 5 to pull out a big rescue.

“Engine five can do it!”

Neighborhood residents know the firehouse by name because the station is threatened by budget cuts. Artie Frisbee visited the firehouse a few days later, grateful the men were there to answer the urgent call for help.

The video was shared with permission of all parties and ended when an official asked him to stop recording.

(WATCH the video from Right This Minute – READ the story at YNN)

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