Much to the amazement of fire fighters, a family’s cat, which was thought to have perished in a fire, was discovered alive wedged inside the sofa. (AP)


  1. Hi Geri, thanks for recognizing what a wonderful story that is. Many people would pass that by, but people who have a cat now, or have had one in the past understand the love and caring that is involved in having a cat as a member of your family. A family cat or a pet of any kind, ranks right up there in importance with any other member of the family. So having the cat survive this way, emotionally is on the same level as hearing about a person surviving a fire this way. Good work Geri. Edward W. Smith

  2. Often what I pick up from Ed’s one minute motivators – is just a small part of even his 1 minute material. A gem of an idea in there that clicks in with me. For example – the last one helped me in the need to get things done while you can. The more I read them – the more of these clicks I stand to get.

  3. Hi Geri,
    What a wonderful story! Thank you for all the good news stories. I have sent your site to friends and they’ve realised they need the balance between the good and bad. We very rarely get the good and your site is very uplifting. I know it makes my day.
    I thought you might like to share this great website too, that a friend sent on. Like yours, it’s also very inspiring!
    kind regards

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