8-books-w-cat.jpgEDITOR’S BLOG — VOTING EXTENDED THROUGH THE WEEKEND: After receiving good suggestions for book titles — and sub-titles we need to choose the best options. Just use the clickable poll on the right and vote for your favorite titles (up to three) — Click VOTE after each choice. Then, go to the second poll and do the same for up to 3 sub-titles. Thanks! (YOU must be on the homepage to view the poll, and some people using IE browser need to scroll down. Cheers! Geri


  1. I think all you need to know is the book will be a collection of my favorite stories/columns of the past 10 years, that will be organized by topic:

    news for the environmentalist’s soul
    news for the business soul
    health and wellness
    family and kids
    civic life
    inspirational individuals
    etc… (I think 10 chapters in all, each with a different topic.)
    With a Forward by yours truly…

  2. Geri silly me still did not figure out how to vote, but here is my vote for your new book title:
    G N2 = Hope
    its supposed to read G plus N squared equals Hope. The G is for Good, the N squared for News Network. 🙂

  3. Do you not see the polls on the right side of my home page, at
    https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org ? ? ?

    (It could be that a certain old browser might not show them?)

    Unfortunately, If you click on a story and LEAVE the home page, the polls disappear from the right columns. (I wish I could make the software do everything that *I* want…)


    If you don’t see them on the home page, I will paste them here. Let me know…. Take both polls, to choose both a title and a sub-title okay? (I give a lot of choices)

    If you don’t like any of them and want to suggest one of your own, like Gary did, do it here.

  4. Thanks Geri – found it! (I tend to ignore the right side of the page I have discovered!)

    How about these for brainstorming:

    Good, Gooder, Goodest – The best of the Good New Network (Yes I know – no such word as “goodest”)

    The Good, the WHole and ONLY the Good

    The Best of the Good

    Just a note re America’s best stories idea – are you only using stories from America, surely that cuts out a lot of good news from around the world? Just a thought!

  5. wow. it must be a browser issue.

    I just launched my IE browser v. 5.2 for MAC, (which I never use, because IE is horrible) and the poll shows up ALL the WAY down AT the BOTTOM of the page (in the right column). That may be the issue for some. FIREFOX is the only browser people should use (importing bookmarks is easy, so please make the switch! — It is much more secure as well). Go here if you want to switch:

  6. It’s working for all the browsers I’ve just tested in it (latest Opera, IE, Firefox) – just look (or scroll) to the right side of the page. It’s in a separate part of the web site – in a window pain to the right. Note it only comes up when the MAIN PAGE is displayed. It’s not present when this news item (or any other) is clicked on. Go back to the main page and look to the right to vote.

  7. I too voted for “Good happens”. “America’s Favorite Stories” rings some kind of a bell to me though Geri I must say. You could easily call other world editions by a different name. I imagine you will put the winner to your editor as the people’s choice, but it may not be chosen as their expert experience may think of something better? But if they do you can still put it to us to test!

  8. Nov 8:

    I wanted to share the highlights of the poll results here, as I am going to take down the poll from the site:

    295 people voted in the first poll, for BEST TITLE, and the majority of them (65 or 22% ) voted for:

    And, 19.3% (57) voted for
    A Decade’s Worth of Good News

    (That might be my title and subtitle right there… )

    NEWS TO ENTHUSE received 33 votes, or 11.2%

    In the poll for best SUB-TITLE, 100 fewer people voted:

    A majority in this second poll, 16%, voted for :
    125 Stories Of Real People Doing Real Good In The Real World

    Second and third place were close:

    13.9% for: A Decade of Inspiration

    12.4% for: The most uplifting, positive, good news stories of our day

    10.8% voted for A Decade of Elevated Journalism

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