summers-path-cover.jpgEvery once in a while we meet someone who inspires us to new possibilities for ourselves simply by the way they approach their own lives. Scott Blum is one of those people. After many successful years as the co-founder of the hugely successful inspirational website DailyOM (, Blum is now sharing magic and wisdom with a new series of books, the first of which is offered in a free download beginning today.

Blum’s new books, Summer’s Path and Waiting for Autumn, are written as a series of parables, similar in style to The Alchemist, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and The Celestine Prophecy. Through a semi-fictional sequence of events and an archetypal cast of characters, his stories awaken us to new ideas, invite us to explore powerful spiritual and healing practices, and draw us into a mystical world where nothing happens by mere coincidence.

The first book in the series, Summer’s Path, is devoted entirely to the experience of being human. In it, Blum offers an honest glimpse into the trials and concerns of living in an earthly body, faced with the realities of money, work, relationships and mortality.

Summer’s Path centers around Don Newport, an engineer who, after losing his job and his health insurance, learns he has a terminal disease and only a few months left to live. In order to spare his beloved wife the burden of exorbitant medical fees, Don begins to seek a way to end his life that won’t further traumatize his wife or cause her undue pain.

His answer comes when he meets Robert, a brazen angel of death who offers him a rare and unexpected option. As the story unfolds, Robert assists Don with his final preparations and guides him through the physical, emotional and spiritual matters involved in completing a life.

Through the journey Don takes, we are reminded that it’s never too late to learn important life lessons about ourselves and our loved ones. As Don discovers, honoring true feelings are a vital component, yet we must also come to terms with our soul’s destiny and the entanglements we carry from our family in order for full healing to occur.

In the final chapters of Summer’s Path, Blum leaves us in Ashland, Oregon, a small, fairytale-like town just above the California border, where the author actually resides. Here, we find ourselves as observers in a seemingly everyday interaction between our main characters and Scott, a town newcomer. With an illuminating change of perspective, Blum ushers us into the second book in his series, Waiting for Autumn, with a description of this exact same scene from Scott’s point of view.

How To Get a Free Copy of Summer’s Path

All in all, both stories in this series have a powerful impact that continues affecting us long after we have put the books down. Through his life and now his writing, Blum succeeds in reminding us that there is more to reality than what we can see with our own eyes; that each of us endures trials requiring untold valiance; and that some day we all must resolve what it means to be a spiritual being in an earthly body.

Waiting for Autumn and Summer’s Path are scheduled for release in 2009. But for a limited time, Summer’s Path can be downloaded for free, either as an e-book or audio book from Blum’s website,  Thanks to Blum’s pioneering spirit and a heartfelt desire to reach as many people as possible, Summer’s Path makes history as the first time a major self-help publisher has used a free e-book to launch a new series of books. Publisher Hay House is even offering a chance to win a free Kindle to anyone who downloads the story. Those ready to continue on with the series will have to wait till April 7th when Waiting for Autumn comes out in hardcover.

When asked whether the stories of our favorite characters here will continue, Blum intimates that indeed they will. He says, “Both Summer’s Path and Waiting for Autumn leave profound questions scott-blum-headshot.jpgunanswered for good reason; the journey of the spirit seldom has an obvious destination. When my journey brings me back to a place where it can be expressed with words, I will share once again.”

Scott Blum and his wife and soul mate, Madisyn Taylor, live in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon. Visit him on the Internet at

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