"Canada’s Supreme Court has struck down a controversial system that allowed the government to detain and deport foreign-born individuals… The nine judges ruled that the system, in place since 1978, which allowed a suspect to be held indefinitely or deported on the basis of evidence presented in secret – violated Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms." (BBC)


  1. Refreshed.
    I have a friend who recently tried to go to Alaska with her boyfriend and his kid. I say tried” because when they got to the border and the boyfriend didn’t have permission from the boy’s mother to cross the borde and when they found marijuana in his car

  2. Two thumbs up!
    O Canada!
    You shine a guiding light!
    Criminalizing foreigners ain’t right!

    I wouldn’t mind being of your kind
    So I looked it up and read
    That to immigrate to Canada
    I would need a ton of bread

    So I will stay where I am, I fear
    O Canada, we ought to do that here!
    O Canada, we ought to do that here!

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