This festival is for the dogs–in the best possible way.

Last week, the people of Nepal celebrated Tihar, a five-day festival dedicated to the worship of Gods and animals and the celebration of togetherness.

Day two, known as Kukar Tihar, is dedicated to the celebration of dogs, who are adorned in garlands and fed only the best food.


In the Hindu religion, dogs are considered to be messengers, and are revered specifically for their loyalty and friendship in their relationship with man.

Nepal is having a festival where dogs are honoured for their special friendship wid humans! :)#KukurTihar ^_^China, watch n learn!! #YulinDogMeatEatingFestivalShouldBeStopped !!:) :)

Posted by Arju Pandey on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Colors abound in the presence of  flower petals, sand, rice, and flour, which made for these amazing photos.

Which ones are your favorites?

Photo (homepage) by Benjamin Olson, Facebook

Kukur puja, festival de Tihar, Nepal.

Posted by Yo amo la vida y amo la naturaleza on Saturday, June 27, 2015


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