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After a 5-year run as a subscription news service, the Good News Network is officially announcing the removal of its paywall in order to make its daily content free to all.

I will continue to ask for your voluntary support to keep the website growing and improving. I ask that you consider giving membership pledges whenever you can (log-in and click Contribute/Membership). Or, give a Gift membership that can uplift someone you know. (These are now $15).

I want us to be partners — spreading the good news together. We are a Good News Network. The NETWORK is you!

The new interactive website was made, most importantly, with you in mind. With open blogs, users can share stories in their own words. You can also submit your best photography for the coveted Photo Of the Day spot. Most importantly, the website is now mobile friendly with lots of SHARE buttons. With one click you can MULTIPLY the good by sharing your favorite stories on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter or email it to someone who needs a smile. If you appreciate a story, someone else could benefit too.

Our Membership Bonus page – for those who contribute financially – offer some cool bonus content and goodies if you contribute as low as $2.00 per month.

*NOTE* For those who paid annual subscriptions in the last year, we are offering cash refunds if you want your money back, because the site is now free. Simply use our Contact Page and send your request, including your GNN username and the amount you would like returned. (Refunds will be made via Paypal, unless you paid by check.)

I hope you enjoy the Good News Network v. 4.0! Give us Feedback below.

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