ElderSpirit is an experimental community of older adults committed to spiritual growth, caring for one another, respect for the earth, and service to the larger community. The ElderSpirit Community is an ideal place to retire for the citizens over 55 years old who built this cohousing neighborhood in Abingdon, Virginia. A second ElderSpirit Community is in planning stages because the waiting list for residents is so long…


More than 5,000 people reside in nearly 80 completed cohousing communities in more than 30 states, according to the Cohousing Association of the United States, the movement’s umbrella nonprofit organization. The AARP explained:

In cohousing, the residents themselves plan their communities and choose the appearance. They own their own units and divide duties for maintenance, gardening and other chores. And they rotate responsibilities for fixing meals that are shared two or three times a week in a community building.

It may be an idea whose time is at hand. With the largest pre-retirement generation in history approaching decisions about the rest of their lives, more people are asking, why wait for somebody else to create a community that feels right to us, if we can create it ourselves?

… In rural Abingdon, Va., a 29-unit community known as ElderSpirit, offered two-bedroom homes under 1,000 square feet for $114,000.

Read more at Growing Older Together, by the Roanoke Times in Virginia.
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