On this day 54 years ago, the first Monterey Folk Festival opened in Monterey, California. The 3-day festival featured Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Peter Paul and Mary. It later morphed into the Monterey Pop festival, which in 1967 showcased the first major live performance in America of Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Ravi Shankar–and the first major stage appearance of Janis Joplin. (1963)

It was also the first time Otis Redding played to a huge predominantly-white audience.

MORE Good News on This Day:

  • The first Kentucky Derby was run–a horse race in Louisville, Kentucky known in the U.S. as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” (1875)
  • The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Brown v. Board  of Education that US public schools could not be racially specific (1954)
  • The Watergate hearings began in the United States Senate and were televised with gavel to gavel coverage by PBS (1973)
  • Lebanon and Israel signed an American-brokered agreement mandating the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon (1983)
  • The World Health Organization took Homosexuality out of its list of mental illnesses (1992)
  • Marriage became legal for same-sex couples in Massachusetts (2004)
  • Trains from North and South Korea cross the 38th Parallel taking a small symbolic step towards a possible Korean reunification — the first time that trains have crossed the Demilitarized Zone since 1953 (2007)