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Today is the 25th annual World Water Day, inspired by the international goal of providing clean water for everyone. In the last twenty-five years more than two billion people have gained access to improved drinking water sources. Together, governments, the UN, and nonprofits have cut the number of people lacking safe water in half. (1993) Learn more, and contribute your support, at Water.org. – Image by Sun Star

MORE Good News on this Date:

  • The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony signed a peace treaty with the Wampanoags (1621)
  • The Spanish National Assembly in Puerto Rico abolished slavery (1873)
  • The Football League was formed for teams in England and Wales (1888)
  • Auguste and Louis Lumiere showed the first moving pictures in Paris (1895)
  • The US legalized the sale of beer and wine (1933)
  • Please Please Me, the first Beatles album, was released (1963)
  • Congress sent the Equal Rights Amendment (for women) to the states for approval, although it failed to receive enough votes (1972)
  • A paralyzed British woman won the right to die naturally by discontinuing her ventilator (2002)
  • The militant Basque separatist group, ETA, declared a “permanent” ceasefire in Spain (2006)

Also, Happy 88th Birthday to Stephen Sondheim, who was born in New York City. The American composer and lyricist has won at least seven Tonys and an Academy Award, for his contributions to musical theater. (1930)


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