One year ago today, we unveiled our new Web site. For the reader, we included soothing photos and graphics and for the editor, a new interface that makes it easy to upload stories… In one year, I’ve added 1,100 new stories, created 355 ‘On This Day’ historical columns, and published 40 weekly ‘Top Ten’ collections! … What’s next for 2007: Radio? Print columns? Video? Three things are certain, creativity and change — and audience numbers expanding exponentially! (In just the last two weeks, the average number of daily visits rose 40 percent, and in January we reached a quarter million page views per month.) My sincere thanks to the team, especially Averan, for web implementation, Harry, for Inspired articles and support, and to my registered readers (like ‘Columbine’) for adding their own comments and creating discussion. As Todd Rudgren says, l love my life!


  1. Happy Anniversary to GNN, Geri.

    This “love of your life” is such a wonderful endeavor – a project that is necessary in a time when we are overwhelmed with negative news that not only adds no value to our life but in fact detracts from our view of a beautiful, miracle-filled world.

    It has been my honor and privelege to contribute my little bit to this wonderful website. I look forward to fabulous growth in readership moving forward as the Good News Network continues to make a positive difference in all of our lives!

    Take care and warmest wishes for success moving forward.


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