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The products it sells aren’t so unusual—shirts, bags, coffee mugs, and outdoorsy stuff. The unique part of this business is the stellar service it provides whenever any item is sold– it cleans up a pound of litter.

Focused on fighting pollution, United By Blue has already removed 248,439 pounds of garbage from oceans, rivers, streams, and beaches across 22 states.

The company was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania five years ago by CEO, Brian Linton, who likes to get his hands dirty. Its mission is to continuously organize cleanups across the country, bringing together thousands of volunteers to pick up trash like bottles, cans, tires, and appliances that muck up the nation’s waterways.Plastic-Cleanup-Tsushima-TheOceanProject

Teen’s Device to Clear Plastic Garbage from Oceans is Almost Ready

The company began as an online retailer offering products made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and wool, but now operates three brick and mortar stores in the Philadelphia area.

High-five-cleanup-UnitedByBlue-FacebookThe business credits its success to the hands-on role it forged to help the environment. It doesn’t write checks to green nonprofits or accept donations, it just puts people to work picking up trash–and has hosted 137 cleanups so far.

Helping to clean up the environment one purchase at a time. Shopping never felt so good.

(READ more from the Philadelphia Inquirer) Photo: United By Blue, FB –Story tip from Steve Schwartz

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