joy-on-beachMother’s Day comes on a different date every year and earlier in the season for the United Kingdom. But it was especially sweet this year for one British mom who wrote a touching note to us following her “Mothering Day” celebration March 10. I wanted to share it today for all the moms in the USA and around the world.

“My daughter Lucy has suffered from Panic Disorder for 10 years, and at her worst was practically housebound,” began the email from Anne Todd.

“But on Sunday, she managed to get into Brighton with me and my other daughter, Jenny, for the first time in almost 10 years, and even sit in a restaurant, and visit 2 small shops.”

“I can’t tell you how much that meant to me, after so many dark and lonely hours, to see her out enjoying herself, being part of the world.”

“She never stopped trying to get over this terrible illness, and has managed to continue her education by studying with the Open University (online). She has even start a little craft business on the Internet.”

“All her teenage years were lost to this illness, but maybe there’s some light for her now.”

“To be out with both my daughters was truly good news for our family, and I know she found it really hard, but she did it.”

Mrs. Todd wanted to thank her girls in public for “the best Mothers Day ever,” and to say to all the sufferers of panic attacks or panic disorder, “Never give in to it, keep fighting, and you will beat it in the end.”


  1. I rejoice with Lucy and her mom at this wonderful news! I have suffered multiple bouts of debilitating, fear-inducing panic attacks for several years, and I know how wonderful it is when they do NOT happen. Lucy, keep fighting the good fight! Take helpful medication, if necessary, talk with a good, thoughtful therapist, if you can. Know that you are LOVED and WORTH IT ALL!

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