bbc-worldservice.jpgEDITOR’S BLOG – I will be joining a panel Saturday morning on the BBC World Service program, Newshour. One question being discussed: "Does the news media tend to under report the good in place of the bad?" I will be joined by Journalism professor, Adrian Monck, and former Tony Blair media advisor, Lance Price. The show airs around the world (going live at 7:30 AM Eastern), on the web and via satellite radio. Listen for me on 3 other radio programs in the US and Canada next week…

Other radio interviews this coming week include:

  • WKYS-FM in Wilmington NC on Monday morning at 9AM (Eastern)
  • WKNX in Canada on Thursday morning with Phil Maine at 8:15AM (Eastern)
  • WBIG in Chicago at 8:40 (Central) until 9:00

I will be talking about my Top Ten Good News Stories of 2007. The annual top ten list will be unveiled on Christmas Eve.

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  1. Geri, this is fantastic. 🙂 My wife and I have been listening to BBC Radio for a little while now and we like it a lot. We were just wondering, if we missed the 7:30am broadcast, is there a way for us to hear it again? I went to the website link, but I don’t see anything for re-hearing earlier broadcasts like on the regular BBC radio websites. Thanks so much, Aly in Fishkill, NY, USA.

  2. In a 2005 survey by Bayer aspirin, an overwhelming 94 percent of Americans said they want to hear more good news. Additionally, 77 percent do not feel that the media gives enough coverage to good news and 93 percent would like to see more good news coverage.

    Despite what the professor said on the BBC show, there is no “danger” in labeling news as “good” or bad. It is just a way of characterizing information, like the sports news or entertainment news.

    The audience gets to say whether it’s good or bad in their own mind and lives. And, of course they can do it here in the comments. I welcome discussion. Many times it is a toss-up whether to publish a story on this site or not. I turn down many stories. One person doesn’t like wind power, another, like the journalism professor on the panel, doesn’t like the security ramifications of dismantling the border between Poland and Germany.

    I’m just proud to be giving people a place to go where they can easily become hopeful in just a few minutes!


    Oh man, I hope I don’t miss it. I’m excited about listening to the MP3 if/when you get it. How exciting! I hadn’t read the oil article that was posted yet, wasn’t sure if it was really good news, but won’t know until I do, eh? But whether we’re not thrilled with the news or not, this is definitely a good news place because it is centered around the celebration of people, of life.
    Hugs for you!

  4. >> Aly,

    >>They said they’d send me an MP3 of the show and perhaps we can share it for a week or so…

    >>It’s good publicity for their show…

    That would be wonderful! 🙂

    Thank you so much, Geri.

    Best Regards,

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