EDITOR’S BLOG — As you can see by the SAW Blood Drive marketing image below, good graphics have a unique ability to convey a message or brand a company. When I redesigned the site in 2006, I didn’t have a graphic artist working with me and the Web designer. We came up with the seven-circle image to represent our seven categories, which I liked, but the company name and background was thrown together. Currently I am redesigning the site to honor our 10th anniversary. Is there anyone out there who would like to take a stab at creating a new logo for the Good News Network? I’m premiering my first podcast next week, and eventually want a logo for that, which would tie into the company’s logo…

Some of my ideas:

I think it behooves me to work with a white background, rather than blue (our BLUE banner will likely be dropped from the site).

I envision the company name, Good News Network International (the last word much smaller, but not as insignificant as on the logo above), to be in a bold-looking font, thick, (sans serif) in a blue, 3-D-looking finish, the richest blue imaginable, like the saturated royal blue paint slathered on Greek island homes… (If you’ve been there you know the blue!)

But that’s just an initial idea. Maybe there are other colors that would be useful, maybe blue isn’t right, maybe the seven-circle logo isn’t right. I don’t know. Though I am an excellent photographer and videographer, logos, graphics and branding are just not my strong suit.

Any ideas are welcome, appreciated, and seen as a blessing.

Contact me at my e-mail if you have an interest or idea.
Come up with the perfect logo for us — I am willing to pay for your genius.


  1. I’d be happy to help. I count on you guys every day to bring me the good in the world
    How do you want to work this? Feel free to send me an email with the specs and your ideas., Also if you can attach the old logo, that would help. Point out the colors you specifically want and those you for sure don’t want and any other info you think i’ll need. Thanks, Richard Austin

  2. Great, Richard!

    I got your email and will send you something tomorrow… I’m very excited to move forward.
    Someone suggested a sun in the design… I’m not sure if anything but the name is needed to convey the message…

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