[MON. UPDATE  Still 2 memberships and 1 tee left!] The first 3 moms to sign up for our FREE 30-day trial, AND send me a digital photo of themselves with a child, will win a free 12-month membership to GNN-i, including the 4 free bonuses offered to every paid member! (Excludes ‘early bird bonuses’.) By sending me the photo you agree to allow the Good News Network to publish the image today in its Mother’s Day article, “Moms are Miracles”. 



I also have 3 free maternity t-shirts to send to three moms who are expecting a child. To win, all you need to do is be the first three qualified participants to claim the tee in the COMMENTS BOX below this article.

The sizes I have are 2 Mediums and 1 Large. See details about sizes — and see more items like t-shirts, baby bibs, bags and stickers at: www.cafepress.com/goodnewsnetwork

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  1. WEll, for the maternity tops, I see only two people have requested them so far: Ashley and Freckles. Stevie Sue didn’t say she wanted one, so there’s still one left. (Congratulations, Stevie!! Babies are love itself… How exciting for you.) First one?

    AS for the ‘early bird bonuses’ i will send out emails next week with links and contact info to the first charter members who’ve won. I’ll sort all the numbers out and get the notifications done very soon.

    I’ve worked so hard in the last several days that I’m taking the rest of Mother’s Day off! (Watching First Wives club now, and thought I’d check for any possible meltdowns on the site! … so far so cool.)

  2. hi geri. thanks for getting my subscription straightened out on friday. if the affirmation blankets are still available i would be interested in a “joy” one. i’m at a very low point in my life and business (which services people) and am doing as much as possible to continue to concentrate on the goodness of life and people. i have been using the word “joy” as a mantra for the past year or two. i know everything flows the way it’s suppose to and your webpage helps me daily to reach for the joy that is sometimes hard to find.
    i tell everyone about your site being my home page. i hope some of them listen and check out this site.
    you’re a “joy”
    thanks so much, – nancy

  3. i just found this web site and really like it a lot on sight. it’s a fabulous idea. i have lamented for years that news reporting was strangely skewed negative. i look forward to exploring and getting to know this space better. any mommy tshirts left? i’m due in sept.

    : )

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