EDITOR'S BLOG — I am in Las Vegas — not to gamble or see a show — to attend a 4-day Success Seminar with a leading business and personal coach… I'll share more later, but I wanted to let you know there won't be as many stories published this week. For now, I'm going to stretch out on the floor of this enormous room at the remodeled Hilton and start my day with yoga. I'll try to get some stories up by the day's end…


  1. Thanks, Andrew,

    This guy is really good… he’s explaining how to get beyond the deeply held beliefs that we have regarding money and business success.

    He’s got a great free teleseminar that is downloadable that I will link to later.

    So far I’ve had a few AHA moments, and believe a severe headache has come upon me thanks to some difficult decisions that need to be made… (I’m going to nap now at the end of the first day and let the pain go…)

    I look forward to more AHA’s tomorrow…

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