Hello to all the folks in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Their talk radio station, KNOX, just did an interview with me about the Good News Network. I think I was politically incorrect when I voiced my feeling that the war in Lebanon (I guess we can call it that, now) isn’t relevant to my life…


Their host Dakota, who was a great interviewer, quizzed me quickly about how THAT could be. I said, many people need to be worried about it and know all the details (especially here in Washington, DC — and one wishes they’d have been more on top of things in the Middle East previous to this.) But, I did say I’m not an advocate for turning off the news entirely, unless it disturbs you. I and many others are too sensitive to listen to much of it.

I added that I think we all need to know what is going on because in November when we get in that voting booth we need to vote for the person who best reflects our views. But, I insisted that we need to be hearing about the many groups in the Middle East, like Play for Peace, that are bringing together Jews and Arabs and creating real understanding. (I will be doing a story about them very soon — one of our readers has been pushing for it.) Only with that kind of understanding, can wars be ended.

Anyway, performing in three radio interviews during the last week, has given me great practice and I’m getting better. I did very well today. I might sound overly eager though <grinning>

Here’s what you can do to help GNN: A listener called Dakota and asked why they never report on any good news… So, she Googled and found me. Why don’t YOU call your favorite talk radio host and insist on some good news… and tell them about this site! …All for now, Happy Weekend to you, and everybody in Grand Forks!

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