The Great Mentors audio series is surging ahead with another great mentor joining me for a free LIVE tele-seminar. David Neagle’s teachings are transforming my life and business. He joins me on Wednesday, October 24, to teach the Secrets of the Mind-Money Connection. Question: Have your limited beliefs around money been preventing you from achieving the success of your dreams? David is a Millionaire Success Coach whose Las Vegas seminars have provided eye-opening coaching to challenge notions around money and success, while transforming people’s businesses and their lives. On GNN-i’s Business section is the quote by Emerson: "Money, the prose of life, which is hardly spoken of in parlors without apology, is as beautiful as roses." If you want more roses in your life, DON’T MISS THIS UPCOMING seminar. You must sign-up if you are not already subscribed to the GNN-i newsletter. I have posted all the details of the Great Mentors program at (You can still listen to the Recorded Playback of program 2, So You Want to Be An Author?, with best selling author, Debbie Macomber, until Oct. 24. If you’ve envisioned selling a book someday, you must hear this.)

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