This one’s for the dogs. The very famous, well-groomed dogs.

As part of a beautiful photography book series called Rover Works, those who can afford a price tag in the thousands pay to have their pup pose for a studio portrait to be featured in the book. Proceeds are given to animal rescue operations across America and, so far, the project has raised $1 million.

The project is the brainchild of photographer Andrew Grant, who has been living on the road with his girlfriend Amanda and their Chihuahua, Riley, for the past two and a half years. They meet with shelter dogs, set up a portable studio, and make portraits to help find them loving homes, before moving on to the next city. To date, they have self-published 4 books and are currently working on the 5th edition.

A number of particularly famous celebrity dogs have already appeared on their pages—see if you can guess which dog belongs to which celebrity!

Heidi Klum? Ewan McGregor? Mario Lopez? Steven Spielberg? Or, Jamie Lynn Sigler?

1. Leroy

Steven_Spielberg_Leroy RoverWorks Submitted

 2. Sid

EwanMcGregor_Sid_roverworks submitted

3. Max and Freddie

HeidiKlum_Max_Freddy rover works submitted

4. Julio

Mario_Lopez_Julio_rover works submitted

5. Bean

JamieLynnSigler_Bean rover works submitted

Answer Key:

1) Steven Spielberg,  2) Ewan McGregor, 3) Heidi Klum, 4) Mario Lopez, 5) Jamie Lynn Sigler

When participants make a $5000-$50,000 donation to have their dog included in the book, they make a donation to one or multiple rescues that Rover Works partners with. They also donate books to Children’s Hospitals for kids in isolation that can’t have pet therapy visitors.

Photos: RoverWorks

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