Thousands of children living in poverty in southern Africa will receive baby dolls, thanks to a donation by Hasbro of 20,000 black Baby Alive dolls at the special request of US Ambassador. Hasbro has been supporting the work of World Vision in Zambia with a three-year commitment to help support 40 schools, train teachers and purchase trucks to help move supplies quicker through the region.

The 20,000 Sip N Slurp dolls are being manufactured in addition to Hasbro's normal run of this product, specifically for Zambia. The donation was fueled by a heartfelt request by Carmen Martinez, the U.S. Ambassador to Zambia, to the vice president of community relations for Hasbro, Karen Davis, when she visited the Hasbro-supported World Vision projects in Zambia last fall. The Ambassador specifically asked if there was any way Hasbro could help get black dolls into Zambia, as they are nearly impossible to procure or manufacture in country. Moved by having seen the difference a toy can make in the life of a child living in poverty, Davis made it happen.

The doll has won a National Parenting Publications Award and earned the Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award.


  1. Nice story. Typical of the forward movement that is going on behind the scenes. Fueled by many great corporations with the spirit of win/win. It creates a feeling of pride and contribution in all employees.

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