"One student, for example, made a robot that sits on the side of the road and, when it sees a car going too fast, lowers a sign that says slow down! Another made a flower robot that wilts every time an act of violence is reported on the TV news." (MSNBC) Andrew submitted this one


  1. I think that robot that wilts every time it hears bad news is a lot more human like than we think. I believe we all loss energy at some level when we hear bad news, it saps us more than we realize. I would love to have one of those appear in the corner of the screen during a TV newscast as an indication of what was going on for us. Lots of applications for that robot for sure. OK thanks Andrew and Geri, Ed Smith http://www.brightmoment.com

  2. Hi Ed, reminds me of a book I’m reading called “Getting things done”. Not sure if you have heard of it. A big part of it is about clearing ours minds so we can be free to work better on other things. As you must know, there’s more in there in the back of our minds than we are consciously aware of, selecting how we see things and opportunities we spot, and our very performance.

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