geri's photoEDITOR'S BLOG The 10th anniversary of the Good News Network is coming up at the end of August. HOW CAN WE MARK THE EVENT?
I would like to do something unique or exciting, something that would attract media publicity. Since I am a social creature and usually spend my time behind the computer, I would LOVE to have a gala party associated with this special birthday. (It would be in D.C. — which is where I live and where the news media will be itching for stories on the slowest week of the year.) Can I find a sponsor to pay for the party? I want your creative ideas. Let's brainstorm and throw ideas around. Use the comments below. THANKS!


  1. Charitable rich people who see the value in good news? Could try sending out a letter to many well off business people in the area, inviting them to come. Could combine with with a charity auction for a good cause. I think maybe phone calls would be better. Try to find your one contact who knows lots of people and puts you onto them. Especially if it is a charity dear to them. And perhaps the charity you have in mind should apply to your local area. I say local as I imagine these rich people are the most likely to turn up. It gives them something in common with you too.

  2. A charity auction is what I had in mind too. (there are lots of ways to do charity auctions online now) So, pick a local charity, you think — like for a group that is strictly doing work locally? I know the founder of Share our Strength (SOS). Although it is national, it is hdqrtrd here in DC and probably does work locally too.

    I figured the way to get national press to care about a charity auction is to have some kind of tie in with celebrities… hmmm.

  3. There was a case here not so long ago (may have been on your news!!) where a lady tried to get every top league footballer player to give a day’s wages to nurses. She ended up getting half of them to do it! Not bad as they earn many millions a year each. She did it by first finding influential people to back her. Those that did had a connection with nursing. She also got a TV crew to follow her to make a documentary. Once she got those few key people (who generally had a mother and some who had spent time in hospital badly injured) – these helped her a lot – talking the other others into it. Al Fiad (the hotel and football team owner) was one of the first. Once she got some in she could say to other teams “we’ve got such a team in”.

    You could do much the same thing – for nurses. As it worked – and what works usually works again. The nursing charity worked well I think because she got key people behind her. I guess the message there was – footballers get paid a lot – but nurses work just as hard but get paid little. You could try the same thing with sports stars there? Get the to meet up? And of course the press will get interested. It’s all just ideas, but plenty for you to think about that may stimulate other ideas in you.

    It was a lot of work for her – the harder you work at this the better!

    For yourself s a great thing thing to do – as it helps a cause – promotes your good news which inspires better behavior, faith and goodwill. And you all get to enjoy a party together.

  4. One idea. You could go with the local charity for hungry kids and target sports players. You could find key ones that were poor themselves when they were children. Quite of lot of sports players may have been so and made it to the top with lots of effort.

    You could do what she did and use it to get press attention behind the many hungry kids in the USA. It’s good news – as we are doing something about it – helping to improve it.

    Whether this is just local teams and local press / attention or national is up to you. Could always start local and go national later.

    Here’s her email for advice :-

    [email protected]

  5. Thanks. That does get me thinking about how use leverage. . . need to pick a good cause that could have some connection to influential people.

    Yesterday I wrote to a GNN supporter who used to be an CEO at a big entertainment company. He said he would be talking to other execs soon, in releation to his current work and would ask what they might be able to do…

    I pitched him on the angle that they could choose the charity and relate it to an upcoming project that might be due for release at summers’ end.

    You know I just thought of another industry that might be interesting to pursue for help, and that is the video gaming companies (often perceived as being a bad influence on kids, maybe they’d want to do some shining of their image?!)

    sports is a good field to pursue as well. I hope to have some plan formulated by month’s end.

    GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS, please!!!!

  6. Dear Geri,

    Well, I did put my thinking cap on for your 10th
    anniversary of the Good News Network which is coming
    up at the end of August to find maybe sponsor(s) and
    a venue:

    List of possible “sponsors”: when you do contact them,
    you can mention how popular your website is becoming
    and the rising number of potential clients for them
    too via you.
    then go to
    (choose the correct person and see what they can do)
    contact Barbara J. Krumsiek?President, Chief Executive
    Officer and Vice Chair of Calvert Group, Ltd.
    She was named one of 50 “Women Who Mean Business” in
    Washington D.C. by the Washington Business Journal
    (2004), one of “Washington DC’s 100 Most Powerful
    Women” by Washingtonian Magazine (2003) and
    “Outstanding CEO of the Year” by the Women’s Business
    Center of Washington, D.C. (2002). )
    (contact the publisher)
    (contact him at
    (contact them)
    (contact Carla Perlo, all details on bottom of page)
    find out who the manager is there: Mid-Atlantic

    Whole Foods Market®
    5515 Security Lane, Suite 900
    Rockville, MD 20852
    301.984.2064 fax
    â?¢New Jersey (Marlton and Princeton only)
    â?¢Washington D.C.
    (contact Executive Director Alisa Gravitz)
    contact him, at
    (for him, just say that public transport is IN NEED
    and they could, at you event, introduce its use as
    fighting the global warming effect. More public
    transport use, less car pollution!

    (Contact him,
    (Contact Margarita L. Rozenfeld and ask her for help
    on that matter)
    (Ask Christine McIntyre Co-Publisher & Editor at )
    (Join for free, as you can then post your event too
    and in between, contact Michael

    (contact Martha Groszewski )
    Now, these above should be good and if some of them
    are not, ask them who would be interested in your

    Bonne chance. Ah, one more thing, do use Fax and snail
    mail (even if you do start with an e mail). Choose a
    BIG-COLORED ENVELOP and do a cool letter. On the
    outside of that envelop put PERSONAL.


    Pascal Gillon, BASc

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