"A new super foam promises to protect athletes from impact and its inventor proved the point by taking a full force shovel hit to the head."  Great Video from SkyNews…

The inventor, Richard Palmer, has been working relentlessly for 6 years to bring the material, called d3o, to market. d3o contains ‘Intelligent Molecules’ that are soft and flexible like silly putty, free flowing when squeezed slowly, but which lock into place when they experience shock, to fully absorb the energy from an impact. The UK company envisions revolutionizing the sports industry, as well as the personal protection market for industrial professionals, like police and fire fighters, offering a high level of superior protection without compromising freedom of movement

Winter sports apparel companies have launched innovative products this year, like Sessions, with its crew top and pant featuring d3o lining in the high impact areas of the knees and elbows, and Quiksilver, which offers a wool beanie (like the one in the video) lined with d3o for snow boarders and skiers who don’t want to wear a helmet but still want some level of protection. (The hat retails for £50 in Europe & Japan, the top and pants worldwide for $35 and $50.)

Congratulations to Richard Palmer for inventing such an amazing  substance! For more information and videos, check out their website: www.d3o.com

(Source: TGdaily) Thanks to Andrew for the link to Sky News video!



  1. I don’t think I could stand there and get wacked with a shovel the way that brave gentleman did! But what an amazing invention. Will certainly help a LOT of people, that’s fanstastic.

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