I want to tell you about some new content on the site. First, I continue uploading by category the stories archived from 1997-2003. Good Samaritans is almost complete and is definitely worth checking out. Joomla, the engine controling our site, displays all the articles by title so you can browse easily and click on anything that looks juicy to you. To me, one of the juiciest is from Jan 10, 1999: Spending $50,000 and Seven Years of Your Life, to Free a Stranger from Prison. Also, check out the 9-11 story of the tiny New Foundland town of Gander that cared for 53 jet planes blocked from reaching their destination after the attacks.

The Letters page is up and demonstrates the healing power of the Good News Network. Literally. Additionally, notes are featured from well-known people who have written to express their thanks for my compelling good news. . . . Ciao for now… geri

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