lithuanian-dance-team.jpgA Lithuanian team became the Latin sport dance world champions again after three years. The Klaipeda University formation team, Zuvedra (“Seagull”), regained its world championship title with their six-minute James Bond medley in the world class competition. It is the team’s sixth title.

They beat the German club which eventually took second place in the Austria event. 24 clubs participated, including England, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Check Republic, Russia, Holland, Belorussia, and Serbia.

(WATCH the video below w/ German announcers – the finale is very impressive)


  1. I loved this, Vida. Thanks for submitting it.

    It was quite funny to see a James Bond related story because I enjoyed watching “Die Another Day” yesterday in front of the fire, and later at night we saw 2 more James Bond movies on other channels. And, third, my sister just told me on that she and her husband had watched a Bond marathon: every movie in order.

    So, I was very tickled to see dancing to the famous Bond music.

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