litroenergy.jpgA company has invented a glowing light source that lasts for 15 years — instead of the 15 minutes for a typical glowstick. GlowPaint won the grand prize in NASA’s 2007 ‘Create the Future’ Design Contest with its Litroenergy™, a non-toxic, inexpensive micro particle that emits light — bright enough to read by — without any electricity or sun exposure. 

“This has potential to save billions in energy costs worldwide,” says the company. It is durable and reliable too, they say: “The Litrospheres are not effected by heat or cold, and are 5,000-pound crush resistant. They can be injection molded or added to paint. The constant light gives off no U.V. rays, and can be designed to emit almost any color of light desired.” See more info here.


  1. This is exciting. It could be one of those things, like the internet and cell phones that makes a radical change in the world. Just think of all those office buildings that have the lights on 24/7. And there could be a lot of fun aspects too. Body paint? I wonder when this will start to make its way into the mainstream. It will be interesting to see what happens. Also, I wonder what the source is.

  2. Wow, that”s amazing! But a light source that one cannot turn off could be VERY irritating! I hope the inventor has also invented a means by which the light can be “turned off” at will! Plus, the light emitted is a rather ghostly glow and does not have the same illuminating properties that an incandescent bulb or even a candle has for that matter. I think living with a broad application of this technology would be like living in a black-light world.
    Still, I can see it being used for things like road markings, stair tape, light switches, inside cabinets, bathrooms (no more night-lights! ), and car trunks. Anyone in for a game of night volleyball?

  3. I think it will be good in times of disaster recovery when all electricity has gone.

    Or just think – lost in the wilderness etc – you could let off a flare but then wearing this gear or placing it in a visible location to help rescuers.

    Just beware all the moths…

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