The Lesson: Having her own children, encouraging better work—family life balance in the office, and understanding the difficulties and urgency parents go through when they need a service related to their toddler, Jen Saxton knows that you don’t become one of the most successful enterprises in the baby industry by ignoring the human element of the job. In fact, Saxton details that the more she went through as a parent, the more she realized that the baby industry needed a change to reflect the stress and difficulty of being a parent.

Notable Excerpt: “My second company now is more like an Angie’s List or a, so we’re like a tech platform or a marketplace that connects mom with all these services, lactation consultants, sleep consultants, car seat installers, night nannies, you can find them all on Tot Squad. And it’s about helping moms. Like when I was a new mom as I was going into Facebook groups like ‘can anyone recommend a sleep consultant?’ and then I got like 80 comments. Now I’ve got to go Google these 80 people, and then you’ve got to like call and email them to see when they’re available, and then, what’s the difference between the $300 and the $3,000 lady, and by the way I’m going on two hours of sleep because I’ve got a newborn at home, and it was just a horrible experience!”

The Guest: Jen Saxton is the Founder & CEO of Tot Squad, a baby services marketplace that connects new parents with health, wellness and safety services like car seat installation, babyproofing, doulas, sleep consultants and more.

Jen is a serial entrepreneur with 10 years experience in the baby industry. In 2020, she successfully exited her baby gear cleaning business with an acquisition by BabyQuip, where she continues to serve as an advisor. Credited by The New York Times as having created a new industry, Tot Squad has raised $3M+ with its “juggernaut aspirations” to transform the baby world. Jen’s work with Tot Squad has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, NY Times and more. Jen serves as a regular contributor on parenting topics for CBS The Doctors and for New York Magazine / The Strategist.

The Podcast: Livin’ Good Currency explores the relationship of time to our lives. It focuses on learning how super-successful people align their purpose with their passions to do good for themselves and others daily, and features a co-host who knows better than anyone the value of time (see below). How do you want to spend your life? This hour can inspire you, along with upcoming guests, to be sure you are ‘Livin’ Good Currency’ and never get caught running out of time.

The Hosts: Good News Network fans will know Tony (Anthony) Samadani as the co-owner of GNN and its Chief of Strategic Partnerships. Co-host Tobias Tubbs was handed a double life sentence without the possibility of parole for a crime he didn’t commit. Behind bars, he used his own version of the Livin’ Good Currency formula to inspire young men in prison to turn their hours into honors. An expert in conflict resolution, spirituality, and philosophy, Tobias is a master gardener who employs ex-felons to grow their Good Currency by planting crops and feeding neighborhoods.

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