ibook Maine extended its successful laptop program in schools last week announcing a contract for Apple Computers to supply new laptops to more than 30,000 middle school kids and their teachers, and provide wireless internet and service throughout the next four years. The cost works out to $289 per iBook per year. Maine’s program, launched in 2002 by Gov. Angus King, has been applauded by parents, educators and students alike. . .


In a speech to the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation recently, former Gov. King tells what it was like for Maine to initiate the Laptop program and how other states can do the same. Andy Carvin on the Digital Divide Network features King’s more colorful and entertaining remarks about giving every seventh grader a laptop… for example:

Maine was stuck in 37th place for per-capita income. We hadn’t been able to break out of this rut… We governors all want more jobs, better jobs. And everybody thinks they know the formula: cut taxes, encourage R&D, international trade, etc. But if we’re all doing the same thing, how are we ever going to get out of 37th place? more

(Details of the Apple announcement and how people in Maine are reacting to the news via BostonHerald)

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