EDITOR’S BLOG – "The greatest discovery of my generation is that people can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." This quote by William James was used to launch a radio interview with me on the Healthy Life Network. Hosted by Dr. Beth Erickson, the program, called Mirrors of the Soul, explored how the Good News Network got started ten years ago, the effects that bad news and good news have on people, especially sensitive souls, and what stories over the decade became my favorites. Find out which network news shows are now featuring good news regularly. The interview plays on Windows Media Player and starts at about 4:00 from the start. No podcast for this, but look for a NEW Good News Network podcast to begin streaming this August providing Top Ten Good News every week.


  1. Hey Geri that was great. A real pleasure to listen to. I too was touched by that lad who became better. What can we do to get these results to more people that need it? Maybe we could get his case published in a psychological journal? At least in the letters section. Then some psychologists would recommend it to their patients. And if they get good results they could write more letters back to the journal.

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