david-neagle-vegas07.jpgEDITOR’S BLOGDonald Trump was on Larry King Live this week. He said that most people will not — and cannot — achieve wealth because they weren’t born with the right genes! David Neagle, disagrees. He drove a fork-lift and was a high school drop-out. He left behind his mindset of lack and limitation, his excuses for failure — like, not being born with the right genes — to become a millionaire success coach who teaches others how to achieve the success of their dreams, despite their past.

David Neagle joins me tomorrow night for a FREE Great Mentors tele-seminar explaining The Mind-Money Connection. He is a wonderful teacher who can answer your questions about how to forge new beliefs, discard the old ones that block your success, and step into a new reality. It takes work obviously, he says, but changing your attitudes around money is the most important step. Here is the key that Mr. Trump misses…

How many of you regularly say: ‘Money is tight’; ‘I can’t afford it’; ‘rich people are snobs’; ‘I don’t have the money’; ‘we’re not rich you know’? How many viewers have written to me saying The Good News Network shouldn’t be associated with money, wealth, or sales? How many people believe money is not spiritual, and wealthy people have no claim to being Godly? If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, it is likely that you are actually pushing money away from you.

To Donald Trump David would say, "Desire is what reveals one’s ability, not the genes one is born with." I’ve learned since studying with him that within any desire lies the assurance of completion. If you don’t block the path with needless worry, doubt and fear, the outcome is assured and your desire fulfilled. Join us Wednesday night at 8:00PM (EST), or get the phone number for dialing-in to hear the recorded call.

E-mail us your questions or ask on the LIVE call. If you are subscribed to my weekly newsletter, then you are already signed-up for the Great Mentors program! If you can’t listen to the LIVE call, Wednesday October 24, at 8:00 PM Eastern time, 5:00 PM Pacific, you can call-in for a recorded playback, offered via telephone, for 2-3 weeks afterward — be mentored at your leisure! (Sign up or get the call info at GreatMentoring.com, a production of the Good News Network.)

GET A FREE DOWNLOAD OF David’s 3-part Art of Success workshop — it is what started me down the path to success…

(NOTICE: I’m sorry, but the recording function on FreeConferenceCall.com did not work during David’s call.  I did capture the event with my own personal recorder, however, so look for future opportunities to download this phenomenal session! The recorded call will continue to be the Oct. 7 program"So You Want To Be An Author" with Debbie Macomber. It will be available for free until November 13, when we (try to) record the next program…)



  1. I read in ‘woowoo’ magazine something that clicked with me and helped me to start saving money better. It pointed out that a lot of folks can wish and wish for money, but as soon as they get it, they quickly spend it and start wishing all over again. It said we need to feel we deserve to have money.

    Once I told myself that I deserve to have a savings account for rainy days and just incases, I was able to save money to go back to school. It took a while to start from zero but what a good feeling it was and still is to know I am worthy of happiness and wealth too (no matter my gene pool).

  2. Fantastic to hear, Selena!

    And it feels so good inside to see that bank statement with a cushion for our needs.
    “I feel happy and grateful now that I see more coming in and available to be of service to me and those I love!”

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