OSE membership software pkgI have great news.

Many of you have already noticed changes caused by our subscription software update. However, some of the changes are coming in the form of BUGS. Ugh!

Thanks to all who have updated their accounts by buying new subscriptions. <grin… you know who you are!>

Today, (Tuesday, Feb. 21), the credit card function stopped operating, but I’m sure it will be back up tomorrow. The problem was likely caused by our efforts to fix a difficult problem. (UPDATE: Feb 22: This is Fixed!)

The problem pertains to auto-renewing subscriptions for members who originally signed up prior to July, 2010.

I have hired an independent contrator to work on it, with hopes that these payment processes can be resolved soon.

Just email me if you are having problems with existing subscriptions and I can try to address you individually, right away. (Click here to email.)

One more issue that I need to fix is an erroneous button that looks like it allows you to manually subscribe when choosing a MONTHLY membership. As iterated in the Terms of Service shown there, monthly subs will only allow auto-renewing membership… Of course you can cancel them anytime with a quick click on the site, before the next month’s charges.

I LOVE the options that the new software provides, and thankfully it is more user-friendly. (Although, if I were starting this site from scratch, I would recommend you find a different eCommerce solution.)

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