We launched a new site design on December 25 that will give you MORE news headlines and more EASE of use all around. I’m excited! But we need your support today to cover our higher costs.

I invite any who wish to support our expansion to buy one of our new bumper stickers, shirts or bags, or to DONATE to the Good News Network via PayPal. We have steep server costs now that we are getting popular, and we are still in the beginning stages of learning how to make the site commercially viable. This means I can be paid for the first time in ten years!

Please donate to support our growth!
Another way you can help besides purchasing our merchandise on CafePress, is to purchase a lifelong link on 500 Good Things, our directory of good things for mind, body, soul and home.

I’ll be talking more about the new site soon, as well as uploading the annual Top 10 Good News Stories of the year.

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