gnn-screen-shotI successfully found and hired a new freelance IT technician and wanted to report on website improvements we’ve made this month. These are user benefits you will notice:

  1. A wonderful improvement for members is the new mechanism that redirects you to the page you were looking for, after you find that you are in need of logging-in. No longer do you get bumped back to the homepage, when in the middle of a search, or clicking on an individual link that would normally lead to the story had you been logged in.
  2. We fixed the bug that sometimes caused missing stories and photos on the front page. (YAY!)
  3. We believe we have fixed the “Cookies Not Enabled” warning message that prevented some people from completing their registeration.

More improvements are on the way this month, including new RSS options, a new testimonials box, and an OFFLINE payment option for paying by check will be added to subscription process (restoring a feature that was available prior to our recent site upgrade, when it broke).

Your subscription dollars at work!

Please let us know about any improvements you think are necessary, or any bugs you experience going forward.


  1. Responding to your comments on Good News Network improvements:

    PeaceMamma, Check out our Civics and World section for global good news, except that we do add global news to OTHER sections like Business, Health or Earth, if they sometime seem more relevant posted there…

    To FatKatts2: I hope to have an Android widget created within the next year. Meantime, maybe there is an app that takes RSS feeds and puts those headlines on your phone. We have RSS feed links here (The “MostPopular” link compiles our free stories in a feed, and we have “All Content” feeds as well.):

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