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If you haven’t voted for my entry into the National Public Radio’s Talent Quest, please do so by this weekend. That’s when voting ends at the website and ten finalists are chosen for three slots as new on-air hosts. I submitting a two-minute sound file that introduces me along with my proposal for a weekly Top Ten Countdown of Good News.

1368 radio hopefuls are vying for the chance to compete in round two. While nine of them will be chosen by a panel of judges, one of the winners is to be chosen by viewers of the Web site who vote for their favorites. If you want good news on the radio, now is the time to let your voice be heard. Vote NOW by clicking on the banner to the right (I get points if you do) and REGISTER. Then, come back to this page and click on my entry here. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. Thanks, Andy! Someone commented at the site — and I loved this one — that I “sounded like Teri Gross on mood elevators”…

    I was just explaining to my son that I believe that if I won, NPR would start me out with a weekend show. I bet it would be so popular that I would quickly be asked to do a daily show, which would wonderful (for the world!) … and the first step toward my mediasphere takeover (my friend just coined that word).

  2. I hope you win! I voted after the previous post you put up about the contest. Your sound byte was REALLY good. You spoke slowly and soothingly and with very intersting material. I think you’ll win even without the votes.

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