Thanks to Lisa D. for submitting this story she found in a recent edition of Positive News magazine in the UK:

By 2020 Sweden aims to become a virtually oil-free economy, a bold step that will require co-operation from individuals and industry alike. . . Already one of Europe’s leading countries in green energy, Sweden gets 26 per cent of its power from renewable sources compared to the six per cent European average. Pos. News UK

And, thanks to Cindy Bogard for submitting this story found on MSNBC. Iceland is hand-in-hand with Sweden:

Imagine an entire nation dependent on something other than oil for its energy. It’s cheap. There’s plenty of it. And it means never worrying about instability half a world away. But to find it, you have to go to Iceland — a country better known for its glaciers and booming fishing industry than leading the world in energy.

, you can read all about their use of hydrogen and geothermal technology.

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