kath-bigelow-directing-hurtlockr.jpgThere have been plenty of Hollywood leading ladies honored during Oscar night — Hepburn, Streep, Mirren — but this year, the big Oscar buzz comes from a woman who works behind the camera.

Kathryn Bigelow is set to become the first female to win an Academy Award for Best Director. Her film, Hurt Locker, is tied with Avatar each leading the pack with nine Oscar nominations, including best picture and best director, an intriguing contest between Bigelow and her ex-husband James Cameron, the creator of “Avatar.”

All eyes are on the David v Goliath battle between the low-budget ‘The Hurt Locker’ — made for around 11 million dollars — and ‘Avatar,’ which cost around 500 million dollars and is the highest-grossing movie in history with earnings of more than 2.5 billion dollars to date,” according to the AFP Oscar countdown story.

Watch the Kathryn Bigelow story below, or on MSNBC… And, watch the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony tonight on ABC.

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