These orphaned baby rhinos may finally be able to recover from losing their parents thanks to the help of these colorful knitted blankets keeping them warm.

The rhinos at the Rhino Revolution sanctuary in South Africa are actually greatly benefited by the blankets, which are knitted by volunteers at Blankets For Baby Rhinos.

The young mammals, many of whom lost their parents to poachers, find comfort in the blankets, as well as warmth during colder weather. They also help to keep wounds from getting dirty or infected.

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One of the Blankets For Baby Rhinos volunteers, Angie Goody, drove five hours in order to personally deliver five new shawls to the younger orphan residents.

The rhinos pictured above are already older and well-adjusted, but they apparently couldn’t resist giving the blanket’s material a good sniff.

“The blankets we received will be used for future neonate calves that are admitted,” orphanage veterinarian Natalie Rogers told the Dodo. “It was an absolute delight to receive the blankets and you can rest assured they will be put to very good use with future neonate calves and carers sleeping with these young babies, bringing comfort to both. The love and attention that has gone into each and every blanket we have received is clear to see.”

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