parrot-and-owner.jpgIn Denver Colorado, a parrot named Willie saved a toddler from choking on her breakfast, by screeching, “Mama, baby! … Mama, baby!” when there was no one else in the room.

While her sitter, Meagan Howard, was in the bathroom, 2-year-old Hannah Kuusk began to choke. Willie, began shrieking as she’d never heard before and started flapping his wings, until she ran into the room, looked at Hannah and saw that the child’s face was turning blue. Meagan performed abdominal thrusts on Hannah, successfully dislodging the food. The Red Cross honored the parrot with an Animal Lifesaver Award. (Right, Red Cross photo of Willie and Meagan)

Pets have often saved the lives of their owners and families. Here are a few stories from the San Francisco Chronicle, and be sure to read the comments beneath for more tales of pet heroics. 

(Pets To The Rescue! – SF Chronicle)


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