Peaceful Warrior is a must-see new movie staring Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart opening in a range of cities this weekend.

It’s based on Dan Millman’s popular book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, a true story about a stellar athlete whose body is crushed by an accident. He meets a spiritual teacher in an unlikely setting and learns how to win happiness and success once again. Millman, a world champion athlete himself, reminds us of life’s bigger picture and our place and power in it….
Audiences are leaving theaters thoroughly inspired by this film. It’s attracted fans such as Deepak Chopra, Coach Phil Jackson, and speaker Tony Robbins. Here are some of the raves:


“So powerful and moving, it might even change your life!” – Jeanne Wolf, KABC

"When you hear the truth, it sounds familiar. Like seeing a reflection of something you already possess. This film is that clear and simple reflection. I enjoyed every moment."
– Jim Carrey, Actor

“Nolte Shines!” – David Germain, Associated Press

"Peaceful Warrior captures what I strive to do to gain peak performance from the players.
The movie goes right to the essence – Zensational!!"
– Coach Phil Jackson, Winner of 9 NBA Championships

"A beautifully crafted and enormously entertaining film that speaks to the strength and resiliency of the human spirit. It reminds us what we are made of, reconnecting us to the power that lies within. See this film and it will impact the course of your life forever."
– Tony Robbins, Author, motivational speaker

"Energetic and entertaining, Peaceful Warrior challenges you to go beyond ego-based success and understand that the way to fulfillment is through higher consciousness." – Deepak Chopra, Author, and Physician

"A stunning and extraordinary film that takes you on a journey out of your mind and into the present moment. Watch it and be transformed." – Eckhart Tolle, "The Power of Now"

"Absolutely inspiring! Spread the word about this film…" – Joe Trippi, Political Strategist

"Like ROCKY for the soul!"
– Straw Weisman, Associate Producer of "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

This weekend, Peaceful Warrior, a Lion’s Gate film, expands to theaters in select cities and will remain on screen for a limited time, so be sure to catch it soon! Check out the enticing video trailer to Warrior here. Tell us what you think with a comment, if you’ve gone to see the film.


  1. This was an awesome film that I am recommending to friends and family. I can hardly wait for it to be sold in stores. This is one film I will own and watch over and over. Very moving and inspirational.

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