theapy dog with Jamie SimmonsDebbie Sexton was half way home in the car after her cancer treatment when she realized she left her phone somewhere in the hospital.

When they realized the phone’s GPS could lead them to the phone, Sexton’s friends drove to the location, a nearby town from Riverside, Cal.

When they arrived, the door was opened by a young man who looked frail but had a smile on his face. Without a word, Patryck Livers, 21, said, “That GPS really works!”

Livers suffers from cancer too, and on August 23 he had just finished a treatment when he found the phone in the cafeteria. When he called Verizon to report it, they told him to leave the phone on and the GPS might lead the owner to the device.

Most importantly, a friendship blossomed and animals were part of the resulting mutual compassion.

(READ the story in the Press-Enterprise)

Thanks to Lynn Hildebrand for submitting the link!
Photo: Jamie Simmons, the friend who found the phone, with her therapy dog

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