EDITOR’S BLOGMika Brzezinski is my new hero! The MSNBC anchorwoman refused to read a Paris Hilton story chosen as the lead for her morning newscast this week. This video shows her trying to burn the script and finally ripping it, and later shredding an updated copy. The public protest against her editors’ news judgement has brought her praise from both viewers and media professionals alike. She says, "I had one woman send me an email that said she was weeping tears of joy that someone finally took a stand… We were making a statement on our show. I hope it will start to change something… We need to have an open discussion about what is news and what is not."

This edited version of Brzezinski’s on-air protest has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on YouTube.


  1. Now that IS good news, Saved from some drivel, thank goodness. I am not a big fan of TV anyway, and here is a One Minute Motivator of mine that touches on this issue:
    “Prime Time” is every weeknight between 8 PM and 11 PM, when TV viewing is at its highest. Prime time for TV viewers can be your prime time as well. If you turn off the TV and work on your goals, you will suddenly pick up several hours a day of time you can use to move your life ahead. What is more important watching a â??realityâ? show as a spectator or creating your own reality show in which you are the hero and you win the prize? Turn off the TV and turn on your life and move into a prime time the rest of the world can only watch.”

    Anyone wanting a free, daily email of the One Minute Motivator, can go to http://www.brightmoment.com and enter your email. Thanks Geri and keep up the good work, Ed Smith.

  2. Miracles do happen.

    Maybe people’s interest in Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is similar to the morbid fascination with a train wreck. Everyone wants to see how bad the wreck, or how low Paris and Spears’ morales will go.

    After seeing the stories of their inevitable decline, they think, well my life isn’t that bad, and they are celebrities.

    It’s difficult to imagine anyone with any walking around sense, over the age of 21, being even remotely interested in the talentless Paris Hilton.

    Like the reader above, I completely stopped watching the news in the evenings about 10 years ago. The stories are morbid (especially local news) , it’s death, injury or rape, not necessarily in that order, in every broadcast.

    Glad to see at least one member of the media was willing to say, hey this is just crap and the time has come to stop talking about it.


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