Kenya Village Gets Clinic from Brothers it Helped Send to Med School...

Kenya Village Gets Clinic from Brothers it Helped Send to Med School in U.S.

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sons-of-lwala.jpgResidents of a remote village sold chickens and cattle to raise the $900.00 needed to fly the siblings to Dartmouth College. A new film tells the story of the brothers’ efforts to return to Kenya to finish building a clinic that their father had started constructing before he died of AIDS. The compelling story of community was featured in an MSNBC story and video. Unable to raise enough money on their own, the brothers are joined by students, politicians, and a rock band who launch a fund raising drive among young people across the United States. The documentary, Sons of Lwala, follows the young men on their incredible journey as they find a way, despite all odds, to open their village’s first hospital.

The making of the movie provides another compelling twist: A TV anchor in Nashville quit his job after interviewing the  about their struggle to create the clinic and decided to capture the story on film to help raise money for the effort. The Lwala Community Alliance website helps you get involved in the mission that is saving thousands of lives. Why not show the Sons of Lwala documentary in your neighborhood, school or church? They can send you the materials. You can buy the DVD at Click to watch the inspiring movie trailer below.