blurry_bridgeI had intended for weeks to write on the Editor’s Blog about the significant speed increase we’ve achieved for the Good News Network viewers. Thanks to subscription fees from our fans, even the smallest amount of $2.00 per month, I was able to invest in a new fully dedicated server, which has delivered whizzing speeds since November 1.

It took a full month for me to get here and post this, but, did you notice how fast the site became around the start of November? Now, all the files and processes occur on my very own server, not shared with any other site. . . A terrific improvement.

Thanks to all my supporters! We are busting the myth, proving that Good News really DOES sell!

(Look for a great give-away – offering 25 free Gift Subscriptions – coming in December to social network hubs of Facebook and Twitter.)

xxoo, Geri

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