irisesAh, the perennial bliss of perennials: planted once, but yearly bejeweled…
With the progress of my years — and without much work — the flower gardens I planted when my children were toddlers continue to bless…

Here is a poem I wrote as I watched another year of the Spring Colors in Procession. The waves of color proceeded and faded like my moods, from sunny to blue, to sunny again.


My life seems to undulate between the waves of blues and yellows
I swoon with the motion of Spring…

As snow is melting and sun grows longer, the purples are first to show: crocus and violets and pulminaria too, signal awakening glee.

Next come warm yellows overtly to cheer:
Daffodils, tulips, and wood poppies shout; dandelion snicker and

Bright pedals drop as purple returns with sister pink in tow: Almost blue the Virginia hue of phlox and iris sweet; azaleas drip magenta ooze near dancing columbine.

Just as these fade and I long for more, yellow comes happily crashing the door: giant Dutch and yellow flag iris compete with hosta’s humble lime conceit, and Lemon Lilies’ scented treat.

What’s next in the lineup as summertime dawns? Moods up or down, do irises frown?
Spiderwort and blue siberian turn mine around.

Blues and yellows trade effect — like my highs and lows

So naturally it goes,
Spring colors in procession…


  1. It really lifts my moods to see this gorgeous procession over the period of 3 months.
    I wanted to mention more plants, because they are all so worthwhile…
    We’ve moved into summer now, as far as flowers and I’ve planted some annuals to inject the color when so many of the spring plants are now various shades of green!

  2. It does, so right Geri. I really loved the Poem, most professional. You got the change we see at this time of year. After the winter we appreciate it so much more too. I tell you what, I love the plants and trees because of the peace and love they give off, and a sense of eternal wisdom. And animals for their attitude in living going at it as best they can.

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