A junior varsity girls’ softball team from inner city Indianapolis was playing their first-ever game with only scant equipment and no experienced coaching staff.

Losing 50-0, they were determined to finish the game, until the opposing team offered to forfeit the win in order to spend the rest of the time helping the new players improve their skills.

The scene that broke out next, was a demonstration of true compassion: The all-white Roncalli High School team began teaching the kids from the Marshall Community team the right batting stance, throwing them soft-toss in the outfield, teaching them how to play catch. They showed them how to put on catching gear, how to pitch, and how to run the bases. Even the umps stuck around to watch.

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It was the end of the night, but the affluent Roncalli team wasn’t done helping. The coach asked all the parents of his players and anybody else he knew for more help for Marshall — used bats, gloves, helmets, money for cleats, gloves, sliders, socks and team shirts.

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  1. This is a really great, heartwarming story. I loved it!

    @709Q, click on the link to go to the article on the espn site. At the top of the page, there is a Facebook share button. That’s what I did to post it to my Facebook wall.

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