teensThe Chicago Tribune editorial board might have been reading the Good News Network. Today they added together the positive trends in the lives of American teens and were surprised to find that teenagers are "growing more careful and responsible." GNN-i has covered the decline in teen drug use and the drop in numbers of teens having sex, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco. The Tribune’s nod to teens includes a high-five for increasing the rates of high school graduates. Thanks to Andrew for the link…


  1. Seen similar reports about teens in the UK. Hardly mention by the mainstream press here. Most press time goes on how “hoodie” gangs are attacking people. There is no mention of how rare this actually. In a population of 70 million people – it is very rare indeed you will get attacked. Much more likely get run over walking past a gang and so not watching the road. Yet it is all over the papers “hoodie gangs terrorise Britain”, etc. and often mention all the attacks again in the last 5 years, as if there is a momentum to it. A a concern as the current teen fashion is to wear these hoodies. Instead of solving a (quite minor) problem for our country – it just stands to make it worse by labeling teens. As well as making us worry way too much we will get attacked. The truth is that most teens are very respectable people, better than we were at that difficult age. Part of an improving trend.

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