Chris Lamb of Tucson, Arizona may be partially blind and paralyzed, but the survivor of terminal brain cancer has defied the odds for nearly a decade, and vowed to prompt as many smiles as he can in the time he has on Earth.

Rain or shine, Lamb can be seen wearing one of 150 inspirational messages on a sign around his neck as he waves to passengers driving down Valencia Road. Radical_Remission_book_cover-cancer

Radical Remissions: 9 Ways People Have Beat Terminal Cancer


He’s been doing so for the past five years, and has made many friends along the way; some even pull over to check in on how he’s doing.

“The people are the most important,” his wife, Mercy Lamb told KVOA News on Monday. “They’re the ones that keep him going.”

(WATCH the video above from KVOA-TV, or READ more at NBC News)

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